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Singlish. No, I am not referring to the sing-song language curriculum for learning English – though it can be. I am talking about the Singapore mish-mash or “rojak” lingo, honed over the years by the local melting pot.

English tuition SingaporeA verbal battle

Wherever you go in Singapore, you are bound to be pelted by Singlish. Music to some, a bane to others, Singlish phrases continue to draw motley reactions. A lingo that only few foreign visitors can truly understand, Singlish has continued its epic journey across the local potpourri of cultures and beyond – earning a spot in the Oxford dictionary! In the entertainment scene, Singlish continues to be a money-spinner. From local clubs and corporate events to the numerous online videos, artists and net-savvy kids continue to draw interest with the banter.

But what about the brick and mortar commercial viability of Singlish outside Singapore? There is no denying the diatribe continues to intrigue and befuddle the foreign audience.  While Singlish continues to make inroads in society, the degradation of English heaps worry on parents schooling kids locally – and what this entails for them overseas. Hence the growing need to find good English tuition.

Why this website?

why this website

The situation is desperate.  More has to be done to shore up the English language. That’s why I started this English tuition site, SinglishtoEnglish.com. My aim is to help lower-primary pupils improve their command of English, through reading, writing, listening and visual skills. Moreover, I am reaching out to people from non-native English-speaking countries studying or working in Singapore, looking for a grounding in English, not Singlish.

My experience

My education is not typical of the local paper chase. I schooled at the United World College of S.E. Asia. I went on to pursue science and engineering degrees at universities in England, and finished with a business degree from Australia. I have been well immersed in the English language, so I would call myself a native English speaker.

Yet, I am as local as anyone else. I understand a smattering of Hokkien, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil and, yes, a heavy dose of Singlish – but that is reserved for shopping at the neighbourhood market. I enjoy good English, and I do turn around to look when I hear it spoken well – which is not very often. We could definitely do with a better command of the English language; I want to encourage kids, from a young age, to enjoy speaking, writing and understanding English and to use it well to pursue their dreams – wherever they go.

Learn English through work and play

cannot find the words

My free videos are for anyone looking to learn some quick tips in a relaxed way. I do not subscribe to conventional study, like my wife says “that would be as dry as dust!” Children are already worn down by the daily grind. I have no desire to add to this. As a father of 2 kids, I enjoy interacting with children through work and play. The end-result is to create results in a relaxed way to inspire creativity, energy and a genuine desire to learn. 

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