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I am a stay at home blogging dad living just off East Coast Road, Singapore. I grew up in the region and attended school in Miri, Coonoor, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Birmingham and Manchester. I am married and a father of 2 children. My lovely wife, Raadhika, is an author, painter and yoga enthusiast. We have 2 wonderful children – Vaishnervi, 18, reading Biotechnology, and Raamkiran, 10, in primary 5.

For years, I worked in the engineering sector, travelling to Russia, Israel, Europe, USA, Australia and Asia. Despite the broad experience, I kept feeling something was amiss. My working life simply did not fit my personality. Everyday, I found myself turning into a Homer (Simpson) doppelgänger. I would study my reflection in the mirror, my girth and gait, thinking I seriously needed an overhaul. No, I wasn’t looking for the fabled spring.  This was about finding a lifetime of purpose.  Finally, 7 years ago, I decided to saddle up and move on. Yee-haa!

I spent the initial years with my family, soul-searching. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for – and then the coin dropped. The answer had been staring at me all along. Children! Not just mine, but working with children to improve their lot in life. Big kids, small kids, skinny, plump, shy, loud, whatever their creed or circumstances – it didn’t matter. I realised how much I love being with kids. I am a hands-on dad, and in between my work schedule, I spend my spare time volunteering at various schools, the neighbourhood library and missionary homes.

I hope you like my free video site on grammar tips, various trivia and more. If you have any questions, do contact me. If I don’t answer my phone, I could be at the library reading stories to kids. Please leave me a message and I will get back to you.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Manoj Nair

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